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Google App Engine Premier Accounts, Google Cloud Storage and Prediction API Now Open for Business

Google announced enhancements to its cloud services targeted at businesses looking to build applications in the cloud.

New enterprise level service and support option for Google App Engine
Today, the Google launched Google App Engine Premier Accounts. “For $500 per month, you’ll receive premier support, a 99.95% uptime service level agreement, the ability to create unlimited number of apps on your premier account domain, no minimum monthly fees per app; pay only for the resources you use, and monthly billing via invoice,” revealed Google.

To sign up for a premier account, email the sales team.

Google Cloud Storage is out of Code Labs, with new features and lower price
Google Storage for developers lets you store data on Google’s infrastructure with very high reliability, availability and performance. Today, Google Storage for Developers is out of Labs, and has a new name “Google Cloud Storage,” announced Google.

In addition to leaving Labs, Google Cloud Storage also recevied several new features. You can now read and write files to Google Cloud Storage via the App Engine Files API, enabling you to quickly build your content management tools, data sharing applications, web games and more using the powerful combination of App Engine and Cloud Storage. This feature is experimental and currently Python-only, but we’re working on adding Java support and additional features.

Google says, its also introducing a new API that gives you access to detailed usage information (including network access analytics and storage use data), available to all customers. You can use this feature to analyze your usage, integrate with your analysis systems and build your own value-added applications using Google Cloud Storage. This feature is currently experimental.

Finally, the company also lowered the prices for storage and bandwidth across the board. “We are not charging for ingress and introducing volume discounts for our larger users. Depending on your usage patterns, you could save over 40% of your monthly bill,” stated Google.

Google Prediction API graduates from labs, adds new features
The v1.4 of Prediction API launched today now graduates from Google Code Labs, revealed Zachary Goldberg. The new release will also includes two of your most requested features:

  • One of the hardest parts of building an accurate predictive model is gathering and curating a high quality data set. With Prediction v1.4, we are providing a feature to help you identify problems with your data that we notice during the training process. This feedback makes it easier to build accurate predictive models with proper data.
  • PMML Import
    • PMML has become the de facto industry standard for transmitting predictive models and model data between systems. As of v1.4, the Google Prediction API can programmatically accept your PMML for data transformations and preprocessing.
    • The PMML spec is vast and covers many, many features. You can find more details about the specific features that the Google Prediction API supports here.

    Prediction API has a variety of use cases from helping increase fuel economy to creating movie recommendation services. It’s one of the services which provides a clean and simple API to machine learning that anybody can understand. At the same time, it is hosted in the cloud and ideally situated for integration with your web application.

    Also, announced several limited preview features and trusted tester programs:

    • Full-text Search: “We are looking for early trusted testers for our long anticipated Full-Text Search API. Please fill out this form if you’re interested in trying it out,” Google said.
    • Conversion API: Ever wanted to convert from text to PDF in your App? Then consider signing up as a trusted tester for the Conversion API.
    • Cross Group (XG) Transactions: For those who need transactional writes to entities in multiple entity groups (and that’s everyone, right?), XG Transactions are just the thing. This feature uses two phase commit to make cross group writes atomic just like single group writes.

    PIL? NumPy? Concurrent requests? Python 2.7 opening up as an experimental release today, has it all. You can refer to this list of all the known differences between the current 2.5 runtime and the new runtime.

    With this release we are raising several of these:

    • Request Duration: The frontend request deadline has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. We’ve increased the maximum URLFetch deadline to match from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • File limits: We’ve increased the number of files you can upload with your application from 3,000 to 10,000 files, and the file size limit has also been increased from 10MB to 32MB.
    • API Limits: Post payloads for URLFetches are now capped at 5MB instead of 1MB.

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