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Google Announces Unified Ad Inventory on DFP and DFP Small Business for Multi-screen

We are now in a multi-device, multi-screen world, which presents great advertising opportunities (and potential challenges) to publishers and advertisers.

This is why, back in February, Google released Adwords enhanced campaigns for advertisers to easily reach their audience across all devices with smarter ads.

And, now for publishers, Google updated DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) for the multi-screen world that reduces complexity and help publishers save time. “Since a publisher’s audience is constantly switching between devices to consume content, ad inventory shouldn’t be tied to a specific device, but instead to content and audience,” writes DFP team.

To this end, starting today, the inventory in DFP will no longer be tied to only desktop or mobile campaigns, “rather all inventory will now be able to accommodate any campaign for any device,” explains the team.

In short, publishers will now have the flexibility to target mobile or desktop attributes for all inventory.

With this update, “publishers will be able to forecast, traffic, and report on campaigns across all devices without having to split an advertiser’s impressions, budget, or campaign objectives across multiple inventory units.”

To get started with this multi-screen advertising, check out this help center article.

Google also notes, that advertisers now see 2.4x improvement in CPA after upgrading to DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM).

Here are some highglights on the results advertisers are seeing after upgrading to DBM, and some of the new capabilities that help them achieve these results:

Recent analysis shows advertisers who upgrade to DoubleClick Bid Manager from Invite Media see an average 2.4x improvement in performance – with conversion volumes rising, and CPAs declining, for identical campaigns that ran first on Invite Media, then on DBM.

advertisers not only saw a lower average CPA on DoubleClick Bid Manager, but CPAs also remained lower

In addition to lower CPAs, advertisers also saw more consistency in their CPA values with DBM.

Below is a quick overview of some of the powerful tools that maximize performance in DBM:

  • “A best-in-class prediction engine – powerful algorithms that ensure advertisers meet their goals, and at scale. DBM, allowing advertisers to pay exactly what the impression is worth to them, based on their unique goals.
  • DBM’s integration with DoubleClick Digital Marketing suite allows advertisers to manage real-time remarketing lists and count conversions across all DoubleClick products with a single tag.
  • Remarketing from DFA Floodlight tag are ported directly and seamlessly into DBM for targeting — improving cookie fidelity and potential reach. Of course, for non-DFA advertisers, DBM provides full pixel creation, implementation and tracking capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with DoubleClick Search, advertisers can use display remarketing from search ads to remarket with display ads to users who clicked on their search ads.
  • Keyword contextual targeting can result in better performance. In fact, 59% of US advertisers combine contextual and audience targeting in their display campaigns because it yields stronger performance than either alone,” writes DFA team.
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