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Google Analytics Learned 9 New Languages; ‘No New Mail? Try Google+’; ‘Charts, Gmail, Maps’ Services Graduates

The new and improved Google Analytics, is now available in 9 new languages including: “Arabic, Croatian, Hebrew, Hindi, Latvian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, and Ukrainian.”

“This makes Google Analytics quite a Polyglot, and it is in total available in 40 languages now,” Analytics team mentions.

To change the language of an Analytics account to any of these new languages, you have to activate the new interface, if you haven’t already, by clicking on the “new version” button at the top of the account. Then, navigate to the settings page where you can select the new language.

Also, the newly revamped Analytics help center is now available in any of the 9 new languages added today.

The new Anaytics comes with the new capabilities around “multi-channel measurement, real-time analytics, flow visualization and improved device reporting” to name a few.

Google Analytics learned 9 new languages: Arabic, Croatian, Hebrew, Hindi, Latvian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, and Ukrainian

The Google Apps Script team today removed the experimental flag from the “Lock and Cache” services which was launched in October last year as non-experimental. In addition, the team also announced the following four services graduating from experimental status:

  1. Charts Service
  2. Gmail Service
  3. Maps Service
  4. Properties Service

“Releasing new Apps Script services under the “Experimental” flag allows us to gather valuable feedback from you. Real world exposure to these new experimental Apps Script services makes it easy for us to prioritize features, improve API design and documentation, and identify bugs and use cases. On top of that, experimental releases give us a way to support our more advanced users, who’re perfectly happy to live on the cutting edge and get their hands on cool new Apps Script services as early as possible,” the team explains.

As and when Google has a new product to promote, they use Gmail: when there’s no message in your Gmail inbox — Gmail’s default “inbox zero” message used to be: “No new mail! There’s always Google News if you’re looking for something to read.”

When Google introduce Google Reader the message was changed to read: “No new mail! Want to read updates from your favorite sites? Try Google Reader”, as a subtle way to promote Google Reader.

Now that, Google focuses on developing Google+, the Gmail’s new message reads: “No new mail! See what people are talking about on Google+” — as a subtle way to promote it.

The links when clicked sends users to the “what’s hot” section of Google+ which “highlights selected content thought to be exemplary, interesting, and appropriate: showing you serendipitous and diverse information”. (Thanks Alex)

gmail zero inbox: message now promoting google plus

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