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Google Analytics Benchmarking

The Office Google Analytics Blog has announced that Google’s new benchmarking section in Google Analytics is live now. Earlier in Mar Google had rolled out of new Benchmarking reports, whch provide context to your Google Analytics data based on industry verticals so that you can gain more insights for your own business. The number of verticals and the quality of the data will likely grow as more and more customers enable this feature.

It is important to note that Benchmarking is opt-in only, so if you haven’t yet enabled benchmarking in your account, but would like to, please do so now. Simply have your account’s administrator login to the data sharing settings page and select “Share my Google Analytics data… Anonymously with Google products and the benchmarking service”.

If you’ve opted in to the servive, you will find it in your site stats navigation at Visitors -> Benchmarking. You will then see a number of charts from sites of comparable traffic, so that you can find out if e.g. your visitors stay longer on pages than average, or if they visit more pages than average. Your own site’s traffic will be displayed in the usual blue, whereas the traffic of all the other comparable sites is displayed with a gray line.

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