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Google Affiliate Network Revamped Commission Reports – Introducing Weighted Actions Report in DoubleClick Search V3 (DS3)

Google Affiliate NetworkGoogle AdWords API team says that ReportDefinition XML Schema Definition is now available. “Unlike reports in previous AdWords API versions, v201109 AdHoc reports are downloaded by POSTing XML to a URL rather than defining them using a SOAP service; therefore they have no WSDL document to describe the XML payload,” informed Kevin Winter, AdWords API Team.

“To ensure that your ReportDefinition XML is valid when sending it to the API, we are now publishing an XML Schema Definition (XSD),” he said.

This XSD is tied to the versioned Report Download endpoint, allowing us to make incremental changes to reporting as needed.

Here’s an example URL used to obtain the XSD for v201109 ReportDefinitions.

And, Google Affiliate Network team announced of a few updates to help publishers stay on top of commission rates and commission rate changes.

New commission report for publishers allows you to view all of their commission rates (except for tiers & category-level commission rates) in one location. This report allows publishers to sort, filter, and export the commission rates as a comma or tab delimited file.

Google Affiliate Network adds New commission report for publishers

Improved commission notifications for publishers now display the old and the new values for commissions that have changed. This helps publishers easily track changes that have occurred to a commission rate.

Google Affiliate Network: Improved commission notifications for publishers

Learn more about commission reports here.

In other Google news, Google’s DoubleClick Search V3 (DS3) shared tips on using Report on weighted actions. “With the Weighted Actions feature, you can change the importance of certain actions by applying a priority, or weight, to them. A numerical weight can be applied to actions that originate from a specific webpage based on its Floodlight tag,” DoubleClick Search team explained.

weighted actions reporting features in DS3

Here is how to apply weighted actions? “First, contact your Technical Account Manager or email [email protected] to set up the Floodlight instructions for the desired weighted actions. Note that you can only set weighted actions on action (counter) tags. After the Floodlight instructions are configured, you can select any of the following columns to see the weighted performance in DoubleClick Search V3 (DS3) reporting,” the team noted:

  • Weighted actions: The number of actions that are included in the Floodlight instructions for weighting.
  • Clicks/wt action: The average amount of clicks it takes to result in a weighted action.
  • Cost/wt action: The average amount you’re spending per weighted action that a consumer performs.
  • Wt action conv %: Weighted actions divided by clicks. This percentage gives you an indication of how frequently customers are completing actions based on the number of clicks. For example, if 10 users click on an ad, four of them sign up for catalog subscriptions, and the weight is 2.0, the Weighted Action Conversion Percentage will be 80%, calculated by (4 x 2) / 10.
  • Wt actions/cost: The number of weighted actions for each dollar you spend,” informed the DoubleClick team.

For information on weighted actions and other powerful reporting features in DS3, visit the Help Center.

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