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Google AdSense UI Adopts Material Design, Conversions API for DoubleClick Released

AdSense user interface (UI) reboot is here, and now highlights the information that’s most relevant on a personalized homepage and streamlines navigation.

To get started with the new UI, you need to opt-in now when you log in to your AdSense account. The new UI will be rolling out over the next few weeks to AdSense publishers.

Google notes, you’ll still be able to find all the content and features that you’re used to “right where you expect them.” And, that more improvements and refinments will be releasing over the coming months.

Here’s what’s new in the UI:

The new UI adopting Material Design principles, now sports a completely redesigned homepage and menu. The new customizable homepage now house all the information you need as it’s “organized into a stream of interactive cards.”

Additionally, you can pin your favorites to the top of the stream, and arrange the homepage just the way you’d like, writes Adsense team.

And the streamlined new menu placed on the left side brings everything together you would need.

new material design google adsense user interface

A new Conversions API is now available to all DoubleClick accounts, that offer a more comprehensive view on campaign performance.

The API securely connect offline conversion events to digital advertising programs, “allowing advertisers to measure full impact of their digital spend.” Advertisers can use these insights to better refine their audience lists.

With the Conversions API “offline activities such as call activites, store visits or in-store transactions can also be measured,” and help advertiser in make their ads more relevant for consumers and perform better, DoubleClick team writes.

To get started, you can review the technical documentation in the Help Center, and with any approved partner securely integrate with DoubleClick.

New Conversions API for DoubleClick

A new study released today released today for the DoubleClick Publishers highlights the impact of mobile latency on publisher revenue.

According to report “The need for mobile speed”, today “mobile sites have to be fast and relevant”, rather than just having a site load on a mobile device. To make their pointm the report correlated page speed with following key performance indicators “Revenue, Bounce rate, Session duration, and Viewability,” —stongly suggests that “mobile speed matters to the success of publisher sites.”

To help publishers into gaining speed, Google created a new “mobile web speed toolkit” that help fix mobile speed issues via a 4-step process: “Measure site’s performance”, “assess different components impacting speed”, “prioritize the order your site loads”, and finally “test, remeasure and repeat to improve your site speed,” team said.

The mobile web speed toolkit is document that offers tactical recommendations to begin achieving mobile speed, and can be obtain here by filling out your site details.

Google Mobile Web Speed Toolkit Document

Finally, AdMob’s mediation support for rewarded video ads was launched at the 2016 Game Developer’s Conference, now includes eight different ad networks, today added new “custom events” as well.

has been a hit with publishers and users alike, with rapid adoption on both Android and iOS platforms.

The new custom events allow you “request and display rewarded videos from ad networks that are not directly supported by AdMob.”

Choosing AdMob for your rewarded video mediation platform gives you access to ad content from all of them, while you develop against a single API from AdMob.

To add a custom event to a ad unit, you must first create it in the AdMob interface at apps.admob.com. Check out this Help Center for creating a custom event instructions.

And, implementation guide for rewarded video adapters for Android, and iOS outlines how to implement an adapter that can serve rewarded video ads from a third party ad network.

Update 10/26: The AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement, now available in 2 additional languages: Portuguese and Spanish.

The guide help to learn how to engage with users and also contains useful advice and best practices that help to drive engagement on your site, including: “Tips to help your audience become familiar with your brand, Best practices to design delightful user journeys, Ideas on how to develop content that resonates with your audience, Ways to make your content easy to consume, and Reasons why you should share the love with other sites by referring to good sources.”

Download the guide here.

AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement Guide

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