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Google AdMob SDK 6.0 Reduces the Complexity, Adds ‘Multiple Ad Networks, New Banner Ad Formats, Serve More Rich Media Ads’ – Ads API Docs Moves to Google Developers Platform

The new Google AdMob SDK 6.0 release for Android and iOS reduces the complexity that app devs are managing, freeing them up to focus on continuing to grow their great app into a great app business. With AdMob SDK 6.0, app developers can:

Use multiple ad networks
AdMob SDK 6.0 with free AdMob Ad Network Mediation solution allows app developers to allocate inventory across many top 3rd party ad networks on a country-by-country basis. “App devs will retain full control and choice over the ad networks they use with a single UI that features the best-in-class AdMob reporting,” informs AdMob team.

Get banner ads to be smart, regardless of screen size
AdMob SDK 6.0 introduces new banner ad formats that automatically expand to the full width of any smartphone screen, even in landscape mode.

Serve more rich media ads
The new AdMob SDK 6.0 is compliant with Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID), a common API for mobile rich media ads running in mobile apps. “This is a big step forward in reducing complexity as it establishes a standardized set of commands for developers creating rich media ads,” the team said. “It also means that advertisers will be able to build mobile rich media ads that can be served across networks regardless of device platform, application or technology used to display the media.”

AdMob SDK 6.0 adds multiple ad networks support through Ad Network Mediation

AdMob SDK 6.0 New Banner Ad Format

The team also says that they are working to bring the long-term solution for the “universal device identifier (UDID)” issue, that will benefit users, app developers and advertisers.

You can download AdMob SDK 6.0 here, and to learn more about how app devs can work with AdMob to build a great app business visit AdMob website.

Also, note that the Ads API documentation pages has now been moved over to a new “Google Developers” platform. Here are the links to help you take a look at the full range of Ads API docs on Google Developers:

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