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Google AdMob Ads SDK 5.0.8 – AdWords Hangouts Video ‘Reaching the Right Customers with Google AdWords’

AdMob Ads SDKGoogle AdMob Ads SDK 5.0.8 released today is consistent with Apple’s reported decision regarding developer usage of the universal device identifier (UDID).

“Our goal is to help all developers and publishers continue to reach users on mobile, grow their businesses and make money, in accordance with the policies of the mobile platforms on which they build,” Google blogged.

For those new, “AdMob Ads SDK helps developers who want to run ads in iOS versions of their apps.”

Developers and publishers building their businesses on the iOS platform can download the new SDK here.

AdWords Hangouts: Advertising your business with AdWordsIn other, Google advertising news, Google AdWord’s Help Desk Hangout On Air discussed — how to get started, picking keywords, tracking clickthrough rates, and more!

You can watch the full hour-long Hangout embedded below, where Google shared some of their tips and tricks for managing a successful AdWords campaign.

Here are some question and their anwers that you will find in the video:

Is there a limit to the amount of AdGroups in one Campaign?

Each campaign can have up to 20,000 Ad Groups.

What is a good CTR? Does my spend affect my CTR?

In general, we consider a good CTR (click-through-rate) to be 1 percent or above on the Search Network. On the Display Network, users are generally at a different point in the buying cycle and, therefore, we expect a much lower CTR. To evaluate the performance of your Display ads, you may want to look at the Relative CTR metric.

What are the top 10 things one can do to improve their Quality Score?

Really, the thing to focus on here is ensuring that you have good account structure and that your keyword lists are tightly themed and highly relevant to your ad text and your landing page. Focusing on CTR, which is a large part of Quality Score, can help too.

Will your keywords with different match types “fight” against each other if they both qualify for the impression?

Essentially, yes. In determining which keyword enters the auction, the AdWords system is going to try to match the keyword that most closely matches the user’s query, but it will also factor in which keyword will be cheapest and get the highest ad position.

It’s not necessary to have all the match types for every keyword in your account. When choosing a match type, think about how users might conduct a search for your business or services, then choose which match type (broad, broad match modifier, phrase, exact) would allow for the most number of users to be able to find you for relevant searches. You can read more about the main keyword matching options here, and about the broad match modifier option here.

How do I target just five states? I see most of our sales coming from just these five. I would like to see if that increases my sales.

Within your AdWords account, you’ll want to navigate to the Campaigns tab at the top and then select the specific campaign. Then, on the gray Settings tab for that campaign, under the “Locations and Languages” subtitle, there is a “Locations” section. By clicking the blue Edit link next to “Locations” you can then select specific states (or cities) to target.

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