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Google Adds Trend Data, Forecasting, Auto Importing of Existing Campaigns in Keyword Planner

Top triggers of the Google AdSense policy violation warnings published as the All-In-One Policy Compliance Guide, helps avoiding common pitfalls.

As a general guideline, Google says, that the pages within “your site offer a unique value for users and comply with AdSense policies.”

The topics covered by the guide include: “Copyrighted Material, Deceptive Layout, Explicit Text, Mislabeling, Sexual Content, Unnatural Attention, Violent Content, and Webmaster Guidelines,” writes google.

You can download the All-In-OnePolicy Complicance guide here.

 All-In-One Policy Compliance Guide

AdWords scripts now fully support “responsive ads, image ads, HTML5 ads and multiple Gmail ad formats,” Google announced today along with introducing “media service”, which can be used to upload and query media for use in ads.

Select existing keywords (or campaigns) to see how bid scaling could affect performance. See how adding new keywords could impact traffic and spend.

For a more detailed overview of media support, see this ad media guide.

Google now let advertisers automatically import their existing campaigns into Keyword Planner as well adds forecasting and trend data for existing keywords.

Keyword Planner, if you are not aware, “is a powerful tool for forecasting keyword performance and traffic estimates, and seeing search volume trends over time.” You can use it to “upload existing keywords, inform budgets, and project the impact of adjusting bids.”

Keyword Planner now save you time as you can now “automatically import keywords directly from existing campaigns and ad groups into the tool,” explains google.

To get started click “Select from account” button, then select “campaign or Keyword” from a drop-down, you’ll then offer performance forecasting and various looks at search volume trends. Inside there, you can see affect on the performance on campaigns or keywords when changes are made on bids. A quality indicator is based on the amount of data already available in the account.

Google also show trends data at the bottom view of seach volume tends screen that comprises average monthly searches as well as search volume trends by device and location.

Additionally, daily forecast of impact for the new and existing keywords is available through New keywords option in the left menu, and by selecting choose All keywords, google writes.

For more details on Keyword Planner, see this link.

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