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Google Adds ‘Hotels by Travel Time’ Search to Hotel Finder; Integrates ‘Ask on Google+’ on SERPs; How to Real-Time Insights Finder?

Real-Time Insight Finder tool on Google's Think InsightsGoogle’s Real-Time Insight Finder launched on the Think Insights site — centralizes access to all insights tools across Google.

“We’ve brought together our fast, free insights tools to help you make sense of this data and start gaining valuable insight in real-time. It’s the difference between guessing and knowing,” Google stated.

Check out the video below to see how you can use Google’s Real-Time Insight Finder to support your marketing planning process and take your trend spotting to the next level.

And, discover how this real-time data can be a window into the attitudes and perceptions of your consumers. Even better, see how it can help inform your next brand positioning, media strategy or just look smart in your next big meeting.

Also, Google Search today added a new feature to its “Hotel Finder,” a new way to search: ‘Hotels by Travel Time.’ Now if you “go to Hotel Finder and enter [Empire State Building] in the search box, you’ll see the hotels that you can get to by public transport within 20 minutes” announced Google’s Konrad Gianno.

“The areas you can easily reach from your point of interest are spotlighted on the map. You can also change change the travel time or your mode of transport (e.g., walking, transit). The map will update automatically to show a new spotlighted area and the nearby hotels. You can also drag the red pin to find hotels near other places you might like to visit,” Gianno informed.

You can also define your own area to search within (choose “Hotels in selected area”) or find hotels in a city’s most popular locations.

To try it out, simply go to Hotel Finder, search for a city or a point of interest and select “Hotels by travel time”.

He notes that “Hotel Finder and ‘Hotels by travel time’ are currently experimental and filtering by transit time is only available in cities where Google is partnered with local transit agencies to integrate their data into Google Maps.”

Google Hotel Finder adds Hotels by Travel Time search

In other Google search news, sometimes you may find that Google’s search results aren’t that useful as you may expect to be. In the event, asking on Twitter or your Facebook friends could be a great idea, but Google doesn’t integrate with Twitter or Facebook, however, the search company is currently experimenting a new feature that shows a message below the list of search results: “Want to ask your friends about [your query]? Ask on Google+”.

Clicking the link opens a Google+ box that already includes a message: “Hi there! I have a question about [my query]…” Edit your message, click “Ask” and the first results could show up in a few seconds in Google’s notification widget.

Google Adds Ask on Google+ on search results pages

Ask on Google+ added to google search results pages

Google started showing the punctuation and mathematical symbols on its search results for queries like: [.], [,], [:], [;], [#], [%], [@], [^], [)], [~], [|], [“], [<], [$]. Now, when you search for [%], Google shows the results for [percent sign] and that happens irrespective of the interface language, so it’s not a synonym generated by Google’s algorithms, spotted by Google OS.

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