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Google Adds HDR Support for Videos on YouTube

In the past 11 years, Google added many product features and made new video and audio formats available to everyone, from HD to 4K video, live streaming, 3D, 360-degree video, and spatial audio—now as on Nov. 7th, Google adds High Dynamic Range (HDR) support to videos on YouTube.

Simulated SDR vs HDR comparison (seeing true HDR requires an HDR display)

Starting today, HDR video on YouTube can be watch on supported devices, such as HDR TVs with the new Chromecast Ultra. Additionally, all 2016 Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs will be getting support as well.

And, on non-HDR devices, Google notes, the videos will still play in standard dynamic range.

Creator can also now upload HDR videos to YouTube.

If you are new, “HDR videos have higher contrast, revealing precise, detailed shadows and stunning highlights with more clarity than ever. Support for wide color gamut means colors are more vibrant.”

Simulated SDR vs HDR comparison on YouTube

Simulated SDR vs HDR comparison (seeing true HDR requires an HDR display)

YouTube rolled out new comment features including: “Pinned comments lets users promote a specific comment by pinning it to the top of their feed,” “Creator hearts is a new and easy way to acknowledge favorite comments,” and “Creator usernames will now appear under the text with a pop of color around it, when you comment on their channel, so viewers can easily tell that the comment is coming from the creator.”

For verified creator, still a verification checkmark appear beside their name.

Additionally, some other tools along with a new beta feature is launching as well in the coming months include:

Choose moderators: a new comment feature that lets creators delegate moderation, by giving people they trust the ability to remove public comments from their videos.

  • Blacklist words and phrases held in comments for review and approval before being published.
  • Google is adding a new beta feature that allows creators to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. When opt-in, “all comments identified as inappropriate by Google algorithm will be held for creators to decice whether to approve, hide, or report these comments,” Google writes.

    Further Google notes, that the algorithms currently in beta, my not always be accurate—so some comments deem fine for approval, may hold sometime, or may not catch comments which are likely to hold and remove. But, with time, as you review comments, “the system will take that feedback into account and get better at identifying the types of comments to hold for review.”

    YouTube adds new comments features

    YouTube bring constructive conversations in comment sections

    While you can dispute a Content ID claim at any time, Google now allow your videos to earn revenue while a Content ID claim is being disputed. The feature is now available to all creators in the YouTube Partner Program.

    Starting now, “if both you and the Content ID claimant want to monetize your video,” Google notes, they will continue to run ads against it and “hold those funds separately while the dispute is resolved.”

    Adding, it said, with this new system, “if you choose to dispute a claim within the first 5 days of receiving it,” Google said they “will hold revenue from the day the Content ID claim was placed.”

    Further adding, Google said , when “you dispute a Content ID claim after 5 days of the original claim,” “they’ll start holding the revenue on the date the dispute is made.”

    YouTube Creators Dispute Claim process

    YouTube Creators Content ID claim process

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