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Gmail for iPhone updated

Google Mobile blog has announced the release of a new look and feel for the mobile version of Gmail on your iPhone. The following features are addressed in the new version:

  • Customization of tabs: We’re all very diverse in what products we use, particularly on mobile. Now you can customize the tabs you want on Google.com. Go to the More tab and press “Custom tabs” to select your favorite three Google mobile products.
  • New and improved Gmail: The latest version of Gmail delivers messages to your inbox without the need for you to refresh it. Also, if you need to write an email, we help you complete the address — you only need to type out the first few letters of your contact. Read more about pre-fetching and address auto-complete on the Gmail blog.
  • New and improved Calendar: A calendar can be one of the most important things on a phone. Now Google Calendar is faster and has a month view.
  • iGoogle for the iPhone: One of the most common requests to date has been to include personalized modules. We’re happy to announce a new iPhone-optimized version of iGoogle that mobilizes all of the modules you know and love. Simply click on the iGoogle link from the Google.com home page or go to www.igoogle.com.

Our goal: make Gmail fit nicely as part of the latest Google on your iPhone experience. This means that we had to make Gmail faster and more fluid.

To do that, we decided to use AJAX–a powerful set of web development techniques that make web pages more responsive. We also implemented two of the coolest and most requested features for this release: pre-fetching and auto-complete. Now when you use Google on your iPhone, Gmail will automatically pre-load all your most recent messages for you. So when you decide to read a message it will be on your screen in a snap.

Address auto-complete features: with this new feature, you can often get the right email address on your screen within 2-3 key strokes.

Finally, our user experience designer worked hard to develop a very fluid interface that fits the whole Google experience on the iPhone. These changes take into account that you have to tap the virtual buttons with your finger, so we made sure to size everything appropriately.

To get to Gmail on your iPhone and get the full new Google experience, just go to www.google.com in your web browser, hit the Gmail tab and sign in. Google Apps users with custom domains can also use this new Gmail interface by visiting mail.google.com/a/yourdomain.com. Please leave comments on the Google mobile blog and let us know what you think.[Gmail Blog]

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