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Get Daily Stock Quotes On Your Google Spreadsheets

Now you can get stock market quotes and other data updated to your spreadsheets by using the GoogleFinance function.

Using the GoogleFinance function: To use the GoogleFinance function, enter the following formula in the desired spreadsheet cell:

Syntax: Syntax: =GoogleFinance("symbol", "attribute");
where "symbol" represents the stock symbol of the company you’re looking for (ike GOOG, QQQ, and so on), and "attribute" represents the type of market data that you want (like Price, Volume, and so on). If the attribute is left blank, price is returned by default.

Here are a couple examples using the formula:

  • To insert the current volume of Google stock:
    =GoogleFinance("GOOG", "volume")
  • To insert the current price of Google stock:
    =GoogleFinance("GOOG") and =GoogleFinance("GOOG", "price")
  • Alternatively, the stock symbol and/or the attribute values can come from spreadsheet cells. For example, the function can be:
    =GoogleFinance(A2, B1)
    In this case, the attribute specified as a string in cell B1 would be returned for the stock symbol in cell A2.

Note: In order for the formula to compute properly, quotation marks must be used around both the “symbol” and the “attribute.”
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