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Gartner: XP can be ‘green’ too

Microsoft Corp. may have tooted the public relations horn about Vista’s power-saving features, said a Gartner Inc. analyst this week, but businesses would be smart to look at ways they can save electricity on their XP-powered PCs rather than worry about what the new OS offers.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the results of tests by U.K.-based PC Pro Labs that said Vista’s improved power management features could reduce carbon emissions for a business with 200 PCs by 45 tons annually, and save the company $90.50 per PC per year in electricity costs.

“Before embarking on an expensive Vista upgrade to achieve green benefits, businesses should spend a much smaller amount on a broad-based education and training program to help staff understand why saving energy is important to the business,” Gartner analyst Simon Mingay wrote in a research note this week.

“Our research shows that most users respond very positively when education and behavioral changes are part of a broad program to save energy and cut carbon dioxide emissions,” Mingay said.

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