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Gaia Ajax Framework Q2 Released

Gaia Ajax Widgets is a framework built on top of the native ASP.NET server controls which means it will interact fully with the page rendering cycle. This means that you can edit properties in any widget on your page from any event handler of any widget on that same page.

Gaia Ajax Widgets is very easy to use! Gaia was built to mimic 100% the logic of conventional ASP.NET and basically this means that if you know ASP.NET you know how to use Gaia Ajax Widgets! Gaia Ajax Web Widgets does not have ANY cryptic properties or code model you need to learn before you can use Gaia effectively, almost none of our controls uses any other properties than the ones that comes with native ASP.NET so if you know your way around ASP.NET you know your way around Gaia! This can be seen from the fact that you don’t need to use WebServices to e.g. populate our AutoCompleter and from the event that retrieves the AutoComplete data you can do whatever you like, including for instance making a DropDownList visible or showing a modal window.

Easy to extend: Gaia is first of all about freedom to express yourself as a developer. A good example of this is our TabControl which in fact is not a TabControl but merely three buttons and a MultiView wrapped inside a Gaia.Window. And just like we have made a TabControl with 61 lines of C# code and no JavaScript at all we want you to be able to do exactly what YOU want to do. And if you should find the need to create a Custom ajax control, you’ll notice that you have a first class library at your fingertips for doing such a thing. You have lots of classes you can build upon. For instance if you want to create a container widget you can inherit from Gaia.Panel and save yourself LOTS of coding in addition to that you have a state of the art Client Side library for your convenience. This includes a complete OOP JavaScript WebControl hierarchy in addition to prototype.js and ScriptAculous.

Lightweight: Gaia Ajax Widgets mirrors the whole ASP.NET WebControl hierarchy on a demand basis meaning that the bandwidth consumed in a Gaia application will be far less than the bandwidth consumed in most other Ajax Frameworks. If you use e.g. FireBug in FireFox you will see that the stuff sent across the wire in Gaia Ajax CallBacks is in fact not HTML but rather small bursts of commands to specific objects on the client side.

No JavaScript required: When you’re using Gaia Ajax Web Widgets you will soon realize that you don’t have to write JavaScript at all.

There is an interesting video 19MB for you to learn how Gaia works and see how easy it is to build amazing AJAX web applications. Discover the Powerful features that distinguish Gaia as the Primary choice for web developers on the ASP.NET platform. (18 Minutes – 10 Seconds)

Video: Watch | Download | Source Code (130KB)

Gaja -HomePage | Download free version

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