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FreeYourID: Personalized OpenID .Name Domain

FreeYourID is a web service that allows users to register a personal .Name domain, which in turn can be used as an OpenID identifier, website URL and email host. Your domain name will be in the format of first.last.name and the domain can then be directed to a website, host email aliases or more interestingly, be used as login credentials for services that support OpenID.

How does it Work? Your Open ID resides on your personal address on .name, for example, john.smith.name. When you need to log in to a service or website, just type in your personal .name address, and the website connects to the OpenID servers, asking for authentication for you. You may be asked (if you want) which information can be sent to the website. You only need to log in once to your OpenID.

Your .name email address is a lifelong email address that is memorable, attractive and personal. Give it to your friends and family and impress them with the fact that you will never need to change it again – ever!

They will always reach you on the same, personal address, no whether you use Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, your ISP or any other email host.

The service is free trial in beta stage, you can try it for free for 90 days. Afterwards, if you like it – you just pay the subscription of $10.95/year, or $2.99/quarter.

The free trials includes your personal domain name and email address, your openID service and your personal feed management.

In addition, FreeYourID will be rolling out integration with Lycos Europe and Pageflakes. Lycos will be releasing a new product, which will use .name URIs for identity across email, IM, and VOIP. Pageflakes, within a week, will be rolling out personalized .Name addresses for their users to access their accounts. FreeYourID also recently partnered with JanRain to act as their OpenID server.



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