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Free Software or Pirated Windows, What’s Cheaper?

Ask anyone who regularly downloads movies, software and music without paying for any of it. Ask them what they find to be cheaper, Microsoft Windows or Linux. If they really think about it, they’ll tell you that Windows is cheaper, because both of them are free, and free Windows is coming in at a huge discount.

The fact of the matter is that, in the home, software piracy is rampant. It’s why software that sells to businesses continues to grow (Office, Adobe Creative Suite) while games sales keep dropping and Microsoft Works is given away for free. So many people use file sharing networks, get copies from a friend, or even buy $400 computers pre-loaded with thousands of dollars of software. They view it as a way of life.

Dave Gutteridge has a great article titled Windows is Free explaining how Linux has a practically impossible time competing with Windows because anyone who’d switch on price can just pirate Windows. For many home users, Windows is as free as Linux, and from a cost/benefit position, Windows is cheaper.

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