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Foursquare 4 Years, 3.5B Check-ins, New Android, iOS App, Raises $41M in Funds

Foursquare now in its fourth year, has 3.5 billion check-ins in the making as on April 10th.

To celebrate 4th anniversary, the company has launched new redesigned Foursquare 6.0 app that fouces on the following four sections:

  • “Search is now front-and-center at the top, so you can quickly find what you’re craving, or see things like trending places (in real-time) and top picks.
  • Below that, you’ll see a map with nearby friends and interesting places highlighted. Tap on the map to expand it so you can see great places around you.
  • After that, we show you the best things at that moment – our top personalized recommendations, along with your friends’ check-ins around the world.
  • And, at the bottom, we have the new check-in button, for when you want to share and remember the places you go to,” 4sq explains.

Now, when you open up the new Foursquare, you’re shown nearby friends and the most interesting places around you. Look out for the following personalized recommendations, with “more coming soon.”

Foursquare 2009

Foursquare UI in 2009

Foursquare verion 6.0

Foursquare UI in version 6.0 as on April9, 2013

Explore, personalized local search, is now located at the top–has received a ton of behind-the-scenes improvements making the search experience even better. You can now quickly find the best cafe, restaurant, or BLT nearby.

Also, this update now show suggested types of places, dishes, specific spots, and recent searches as you start typing, so you can find what you want quicker.

As always, the best recommendations are at your fingertips, so no need to scroll through long reviews.

  • “Will show you a dinner spot people tend to go to after, or a beer garden that’s trending nearby.
  • Will show you top meal recommendations nearby, or places on your to-do list.
  • In Paris, will show you the top sights and attractions, approved by local check-ins,” the company adds.

Quickly find best cafe, restaurant, or BLT nearby with new Foursquare Explore

See most interesting things around you, as soon as you open new Foursqure v6.0 app

And, to see amazing specials “nearby” as soon as you open the app.

“We’re now crunching our billions of check-ins to show you the most interesting recommendations around you the second you open the app. For example, if you’re just getting out of a movie, we might show you places people tend to go to dinner next. And occasionally, if there’s a really great money-saving special that we think will be perfect for you, we’ll make sure you know about it. Just open up Foursquare and it’ll be there,” the company explains.

And, to find more places to save money? Just tap Explore at the top of the app to browse all the specials in your area, from free appetizers to great discounts.

See amazing specials nearby as soon as you open new Foursquare app

Update 04/11: Foursquare just announced that it has securing additional funding of “$41 million” from the Silver Lake Waterman growth debt fund, as well as convertible debt from all of its existing investors.

So, today, “thanks to our investors, the 1,300,000 businesses using Foursquare, and especially the 33,000,000 of you who have given us a try,” the company posted.

“The stuff we’re building takes a lot of work. Look at yesterday’s big update, for example. The most amazing thing about it is that it tells you interesting things around you, anywhere in the world, the second you open the app. That’s not easy. We have to crunch your 3,500,000,000 check-ins, layer your social data over it, semantically analyze our tens of millions of tips, and take a look at real-time activity around you. We do all that in under a second, all to recommend two or three places that are perfect for you,” wrote 4sq.

Update 04/24: Foursqure today rolls out update to foursquare.com, making it easier to learn and find great places to go “nearby” to over 50 million people who visit the site each month.

To help people find things faster, we’ve redesigned our website–everything you need to know about a place, at a quick glance. Foursqure is also now lists additional suggestions on the right side of the page–in case if you can’t find what you’re looking for. “For instance, we’ll show similar places and places that other people with your tastes tend to like,” expalisn 4sq.

The redesigned site now offer:

  • “Easily scan all the important information, like the name, address, phone number, hours, and menu.
  • View beautiful photos, tips, and the rating from the Foursquare community.
  • Find out what people talk about the most, like ‘don’t miss out on the burger’ or ‘best fish tacos!’.
  • See which of your friends have been before, and what they’ve said about it.”

Foursqure.com Facelifts rolls out

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