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Flickr goes with NoFollow to Photo Description links

Flickr takes away source of link juice for the social media marketers and search engine optimization link builders who were using its photo description area for link building via installing a NoFollow attribute on outbound links.

This raises important issues:

  1. Is this the future of UGC? Contribute, but don’t expect any search ranking benefit?
  2. Are Yahoo using the nofollow link attribute too?
  3. Where’s the next best photosharing site that WILL let you get dofollow links? If I’m going to contribute, I want links :P! Real, meaty ones!
  4. Can someone please code up a WP plugin to nofollow all links to Flickr? If it could also pull the profile and homepage link of contributors from whom people sourced an image, that would be great [so that you can link directly to their sites and not to flickr.]
  5. How is this going to affect retailers doing linkbuilding off Flickr?

If you were dependent upon the link juice from Flickr photo descriptions this means that the PageRank or site authority of Flickr will no longer be passed to the sites you linked to.

However, the fact that Flickr is NoFollowing external links may give more authority to the natual internal links within Flickr, making it more of an all around authority site and raising the value of its photo pages in search engine rankings.

Meaning that link may not give you the juice it once did, but if your company uploads images to Flickr and properly optimizes the title, tags and description … you can still rank highly for your brand name or specific terms and brand control your Flickr stream with relevant images and links to your site … which still send traffic.

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