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Fix: Error 46027C5-16D1190A-0000E01E launching Cygwin for Windows when sequenced using Microsoft App-V

You may run into an unusual issue when running virtualized sequence of Cygwin under App-V. The app will sequence correctly and launch both during Monitoring phase and Launch phase, however when you attempt to launch app in any deployment context you’ll get error:

Resolution: There’re two ways to successfully sequence Cygwin:

Prior to Sequencing, create an exclusion for Sequencing Drive and Cygwin home directory. If you’re sequencing to Q:, you would add in following path: Q:\cygwin.001\cygwin\home. This assumes you’re sequencing to Cygwin.001 as the mount and the install directory is Q:\c ygwin.001\cygwin).

If you want to modify package, you’ll need to Edit the package and under files, change attributes for Q:\<MNT>\Cygwin\home path to de=select override and change type to “User Data.”

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