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Firefox4 with HTML5, CSS3 and SVG, WebGL – Mozilla add-on workshop in England

Mozilla invited developers to the Hub in King’s Cross, London to learn about Add-ons and the future of Firefox. Here’re upcoming features of Firefox 4:

“HTML5 Video display, Painting with Canvas, Image manipulation with Canvas – pixel testing, face detection with opencivitas, Green screen technologies in images and video by detecting pixel colours, HTML5 embedded inside SVG (yes!), SVG as an IMG, SVG as a CSS background, SVG filter/mask/clip, SVG animations, Inline SVG inside HTML5, CSS3 (selectors, @font-face, 2D Transforms, Transitions, Shadow, Gradients ,calculations – calc(2em-10px) ), Websockets controller running presentation from mobile, WebGL, APIs: Geolocation, Offline (IndexDB, localStorage, AppCache, FileAPI – binary content of a file input, file drag and drop, web workers, websockets),” revealed Chris Heilmann.

CSS3 filters and SVG masking on HTML5 Video:

Highly interactive video interface with SVG masking and transitions:

WebGL in Firefox 4 and on Android:


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