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Firefox 3 to Include Innovative Features

Firefox is currently one of the most popular browsers on the Internet because it provides powerful features that allow users to browse websites safe and secure. As you surely know, Firefox is probably the most important rival for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, a browser that is included in the Windows operating system and is currently used by millions of users. Although Firefox is not included in any important application, the browser was included in some software suites offered by the Internet giants such as Google – Firefox with Google Toolbar or Yahoo – Firefox with Yahoo Toolbar.

Mozilla’s Firefox was the first browser that presented the tab browsing, a feature that helps users navigate the Internet using a single window of the program with multiple opened websites. Because the latest version of the browser provided by Microsoft, Internet Explorer 7, also contains tab navigation, the rivalry is even more important for the two companies.

It seems like Firefox 3 will include some exciting features that will never be implemented by Microsoft because they concern Google, one of the most powerful rivals for the software giant. Read Write Web posted an article on the official page of the company to publish a statement of Robert O’Callahan from Mozilla that offered interesting details about Firefox 3. The browser will include offline applications support that will allow users to use their favorite online services even in the offline mode, without a permanent connection to the Internet. As you surely know, Google is a powerful Internet company that is based on web applications such as Docs & Spreadsheets, Calendar or AdSense so it’s obvious the new functions will represent a true success among Google fans.

“Although Mozilla is an open source organization, some of its top workers are employed by Google. So it’s a very cozy relationship. We’ve discussed before how Firefox 3 as information broker suits Google very nicely, because the Mountain View company has a number of best of breed web apps – and if it’s not building them, it’s acquiring them (YouTube, JotSpot, Writely, etc),

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