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Final Stage of Ad Serving Transition for Yahoo! Search over to adCenter Begins April 18

Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance enter last stage of implementation in UK, France and Ireland on April 18

Microsoft announced that the search alliance with Yahoo to enter the last stage of its implementation in UK, France and Ireland on April 18.

“As we initiated the Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance, to offer a quality transition — we are now about to enter the final stage of the alliance implementation and start combining Bing and Yahoo! Search audiences on one global platform, Microsoft Advertising adCenter.”

“Next week, 18 April, we begin to shift ad serving for Yahoo! Search over to Microsoft Advertising adCenter. This means that adCenter ads will gradually be displayed on Yahoo! Search result pages in the UK, France and Ireland,” Cedric Chambaz on adCenter blog.

“This process will begin as early as the 18th of April and is expected to conclude during the last week of the month when 100% of the Yahoo! traffic will be made available in adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts will go in read-only mode,” Chambaz said.

“As Yahoo! ad serving moves to adCenter, and your clicks and impressions in that account begin to increase, you’ll see a corresponding decrease in clicks and impressions in your Yahoo! Search Marketing account,” explains Chambaz.

“It is thus important to continue managing your campaigns across both platforms throughout this transition phase, in order to avoid missing out on any potential clicks.”

Also, Microsoft Advertising recenlty announced Broad March Modifier (BMM), that allows advertisers to specify which terms within any given keyword must be present within the search query for the ad to qualify for auction. This is achieved by putting a PLUS symbol in front of the terms we want to qualify explicitly as “modified”.

How To Make the Most of BMM?

1. Go Beyond Phrase & Exact

The introduction of BMM by adCenter means advertisers gain a lot more control over how the matching algorithm will work with their broad match keywords. If you’re one of those advertisers who has been scared of the seemingly random behavior of broad match, this is a new opportunity to move the needle on your existing campaigns.

2. Build Out Keyword Lists & Improve Bidding strategy

With BMM, it is now much easier to try this very effective strategy in a controlled environment. For example, if you sell Blue Widgets by many different brands, but only blue (no other colour), and only widgets (it’s your specialty!), then you don’t want to broad match blue widgets for fear of matching for irrelevant queries. But with BMM+Blue +Widgets will probably uncover opportunities like Discount Blue Acme Widgets – add Discount Blue Widgets as Broad Match with BMM (+Discount +Blue +Widgets) BigCo Widgets in Blue – add this search query as phrase match and exact match Where can I find fake blue widgets – add “fake” as negative

3. Protect Brand Terms

One important use of BMM is for those advertisers who need to be concerned with the matching of brand terms.

  • Regulated Industries: Some industries are regulated and prohibit the use of brand terms in certain cases. This is the case for the pharmaceutical industry for example. BMM allows those advertisers to gain the benefit of using broad match to uncover new opportunities all the while controlling when adCenter matches queries to brand terms in their keywords.
  • Prevent Unwanted Matches to Competitor Brand Queries: Your company is called Acme, your competitor is BigCo. Often, adCenter will treat both brands as synonyms and your ad will come up when someone searches for BigCo. For many advertisers, this can be problematic. You can prevent this by adding BMM to your brand term. The same solution applies in the case of a retailer who only carries Acme widgets.
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