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Facebook Lawyer “Unsure” whether Mark Zuckerberg signed contract- Ceglia produces “Work for Hire” contract

A seven year old contract signed by Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg may cost him his ownership stake in the company. In Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, Facebook Lawyer, Lisa Simpson said to a U.S. District Judge in Buffalo, N.Y. “Whether he signed this piece of paper, we’re unsure at this moment.” On the othe hand, Paul Ceglia’s attorney, Terrence Connors, produced a copy of two-page “work for hire” contract that entitle Ceglia to control “social-networking service”. But, when asked why it took Ceglia so long to file his legal claim? Connors declined to explain.”

Ceglia, a Web designer was developing a project called “StreetFax” in spring of 2003. Ceglia’s plan was to put millions of photos of streets into a database and charge insurers money to access it. “What he needed was a coder,” Connors told the judge.

Ceglia solicited bids, and the lowest bidder Zuckerberg, then a Harvard freshman, said he would do the job for $1,000. “But I’ve got a project of my own,” Connors said Zuckerberg told his client. “I’m developing an online yearbook for Harvard kids now, but I’m thinking of expanding it.”

The contract was intended to cover the coding work on StreetFax and Ceglia’s investment in Zuckerberg’s “fledgling project,” Connors said. “Who knew then that it would turn into what it is today?”


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