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Facebook Brings ‘View-through’ Attribution to App Install Ads

Facebook says that today when people see an ad, they install the app without clicking on the ad itself. Thus, click-based attribution doesn’t fully capture the value of these ads, so they’re introducing “View-through” attribution that provides impression-level attribution for installs from app ads.

With the new view-through attribution, “developers can better measure the value of Facebook app ads” with “complete picture of attribution from their advertising campaigns.” “These insights will let you make quicker and more confident changes to your ad spend and maximize your ROI,” wrties facebook dev team.

“The addition of view-through attribution data provides mobile marketers with deeper insight into their Facebook campaign performance” and its “impact on both their mobile and omni-channel ROI.”

How view-through attribution works?

Now, when an app is installed without any “associated Facebook click,” company explains, “then they see if a mobile app install ad was viewed in the last 24 hours”, adding, “if a view attributed to the install ad is found, then a Facebook view-attributed install is sent to measurement partners.” In turn, “measurement partners would then pass this information to advertisers.”

The availability of view-through attribution has been extremely well received by partner ecosystem, facebook said “as it helps them build a holistic view of attribution.”

In addition, Facebook today announced several new products and integrations with its measurement partners that help advertisers understand “which campaigns are performing best,” “which are selling most products both in-store and online,” and ultimately, “how advertising is helping to grow your brand.”

Starting today, Nielsen Catalina Solutions will now offer Consumer Package Goods (CPG) advertisers the “ability to understand the impact of Facebook and Instagram on offline purchases,” writes facebook.

Additionally, newly launched “Lift API ” is integrated with Oracle Data Cloud, making it easier for retailers and CPG marketers to measure every campaign accurately.

Facebook today added new multi-touch attribution providers Visual IQ and Neustar MarketShare, to integrate with Atlas. “The integration between Atlas and Visual IQ and Neustar MarketShare will allow marketers to make smarter media investments,” facebook stated.

“Multi-touch attribution fairly distributes credit among multiple impressions and clicks in a person’s journey, and gives marketers a better look at the full picture.”

Finally, marketers will be able to bring Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network campaign information into their marketing mix modelling by building integrations with Nielsen, Neustar MarketShare, Analytics Partners and Marketing Evolution, writes facebook.

Marketing mix modelling, “is a preferred measurement system for many of the largest brands in the world.”

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