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Facebook Allow Exporting Friends’ Email Addresses (Opt-in); Facebook Chat Updates

If you every felt the need to export your Facebook social graph, you can now export your real Facebook social graph, complete with your friends’ emails. Means you can leave Facebook and import your social network into a rival site. But only if your friends opt into it. And they won’t.

Facebook has quietly added a new feature to its Account Settings page, giving users the option to “Allow friends to include my email address in Download Your Information”. Check it, and the next time your friend decides to download an archive of their Facebook data, they’ll get your email address too so they can stay in touch.

In another Facebook releated news,

Facebook today made changes to the Facebook Chat sidebar feature. Now, your favorite online friends appear in the top section of Chat, with a separate list titled “More Online Friends” underneath. This makes it easier to find the Facebook friends you chat with often.

Also, some select users are getting a mini News Feed in their Chat sidebar that appears above your contacts.

Previously, the Facebook Chat sidebar presented your friends to you as one big list, sorted alphabetically by name, not by relevance to you. Now, the new Chat sidebar is splitted in two, with a section containing those friends you most recently chatted with at the top, then a split, followed by a “More Online Friends” section below where the rest of your online contacts are displayed.

Some users are also seeing a more experimental sidebar which includes a mini News Feed at the top. This News Feed shows recent updates from your friends and the Facebook Pages you follow. Others report seeing fixed Facebook headers (the blue bar at the top – it doesn’t move when you scroll).

Facebook has reponded to the above noted changes stating:

After we changed the way that Facebook Chat worked a few weeks ago, we got a lot of feedback that people missed being able to see all of their online friends. Earlier today we made a change to re-enable that functionality; Facebook Chat now shows you the friends that you interact with the most as well as the rest of your friends that are currently online.

The “mini News Feed” you’re referring to is a News Feed test we are running (and have been for some time) and are unrelated to the changes we made yesterday.

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