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Expand your Blog Network with “Entrecard”

Entrecard has bring in a new networking concept in blogosphere with an easy way to network with other bloggers. The concept on Entrecard is somewhat similiar like MyBLogLog [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] , where you visit community members profile, adds to your friend list and join each others community.

Entrecard is your business card 2.0 and it’s available or bloggers who own and operate their own blog. Its part advertisement, part business card, with 125×125 image widget that you place on your blog, so that others can leave their Entrecard for you. You can also use Entrecard to promote your blog and launch free advertising campaigns. You pay for this advertising with Entrecard Credits, that you earn for free by networking (a.k.a. visiting blogs and dropping your card for other bloggers).

How it works:

  1. First you must be the owner of a blog. The language of your blog must be english, and your blog must not be a spam. Finally signup here.
  2. After, signup, login to your account, get the widget code by clicking “Get code” button in the menu bar and copy&paste the script line into the right place in your blog template.
  3. Entrecards are exchanged via a widget that you’ve just placed on your blog. Other members with an Entrecard can leave their card for you by dropping it in your widget, and you can leave your card for others by dropping it in their widget.
    • Dropping your card: When you drop your card for someone, by clicking ‘Drop yours’ on the bottom of someone’s widget, your card will be displayed in their inbox when they log into the Entrecard. The Entrecard member can click through to visit your site via your card in their inbox. Dropping your card will not make your card appear on their widget or website.
    • Advertising on someone’s widget: To make your card appear on someone’s widget, so that everyone who visits their blog sees your Entrecard (which links to your site), you must advertise on their widget, and pay them Entrecard Credits. To do this, click the Campaign tab, find the blog you want to advertise on, and click ‘Advertise’ under the card of the blog you want your card to run on. Once the owner of the site approves your card, it will run for a full 24 hours for each advertisement slot you buy.
    • What are credits? Credits are the currency of the Entrecard network. You spend them to advertise your Entrecard on other people’s widgets.

      How are credits earned?
      1. You earn 1 credit every time you drop your card for someone else.
      2. You earn 1 credit every time someone else drops their card for you.
      3. You earn credits every time someone advertises on your widget.
    • Advertising Costs and Wait Times: To advertise your card on someone else’s widget, it costs the number of credits equal to twice the number of cards dropped on that widget each day. So if a widget receives an average of 50 cards dropped into it each day, advertising on that widget will cost 100 credits per day. This helps insure that for every two credits you pay, a unique user will see your ad and be clicking in the general vicinity. It also ensures the economy balances, because every time you drop your card, it creates two credits. That surplus mus be balanced via advertising costs.

      After you apply to advertise on someone’s widget, two things must happen. First, the owner of the blog has to approve it. Next, all the ads that were approved to run before you have to run their course. This wait time is displayed for you underneath everyone’s card on the campaign page.

    • Approving and Rejecting Ads: When someone applies to advertise on your widget, you must approve their card before it will display live on your site. You are in full control of the cards that run on your site. You may want to reject cards that do not look professional to uphold your own quality standards.

      All cards that have applied to advertise on your widget will be displayed under your advertisers column on your dashboard. Underneath each one is an option to either approve or reject them. Approving them will cause the ad to run live once all the other ads approved before it run on your widget. Rejecting the ad will remove it from your advertisers box.

Entrecards | Guide

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