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Enhanced Campaigns Adds “Social Annotations & Ads in Apps”

Enhanced Campaigns, launched in February this year, has now been used by over 1.5 million campaigns–today, introducing two new additions including:

Social annotations in Enhanced campaigns show endorsements from people following your Google+ page on your search ads. On average, search ads with social annotations have a 5-10% higher click-through rate.

All you need is a Google+ page with a significant number of followers and a linked website that matches the URL in your search ads. “Social annotations on AdWords work hand-in-hand with your Google+ page to build community, conversation and engagement with your business on Google,” explains Google.

AdWords Enhanced campaigns adds social annotations

Enhanced campaigns for mobile app advertisers. Advertisers can now reach app users, with “ads in apps,” based on people’s context like location, time of day and device, with enhanced campaigns.

“For example, if a certain mobile app has the most usage on Saturday evenings, you can increase your bid adjustments for mobile and this time of day to reach these users. You can also adjust bids across the key display signals like demographics, interests, topics and remarketing at the ad group level,” Google explained.

In another blog post today, Google explains to publishers about why the number of display ads in an ad unit vary, and why less than four text ads sometimes appear in larger formats, or why one image ad can show instead of four text ads.

The answer ultimately boils down to the “AdSense ad auction” (also called ‘dynamic’), let advertisers bid to show their ads on a site. “The number and price of ads in the auction changes from impression to impression, based on how much advertisers are willing to spend and how they’ve set up their ad campaigns,” Google explains.

In addition to their bids, advertisers are also ranked based on their Quality Score to ensure a good user experience.

For example, a 728×90 leaderboard with both text and image ads to appear–“for every impression, our system predicts which ad type will be more valuable. When selecting the “winning” ad(s) for your page, our system takes the advertisers’ bids and Quality Scores into consideration and also considers historical data for specific ads, in order to predict overall performance. So, even though a leaderboard could show up to four text ads, it may sometimes be the case that the one image ad will outperform all of the competing text ads,” Google explains.

In other words, if you see one image ad appearing in your leaderboard, it’s because it is more valuable than the eligible text ads combined.

Also, Google has announced that “Display remarketing from search ads” is now out of beta, and is available to all DoubleClick Search customers globally.

“”Display remarketing from search ads,” allows advertisers to use insights from paid search clicks to remarket to audiences across ad exchanges via DoubleClick Bid Manager, or the Google Display Network (GDN) — all with a seamless, tagless workflow.”

Those interested can contact the DoubleClick Search support team.

display remarketing from search ads in Doubleclick Search (DS)

In other news, Google Tag Manager have seen impressive growth since the launch in October last year, “with nearly 300% growth in traffic and 120% growth in enterprise customers,” inforsm Google.

Today, the company has also added a new “Success Stories” page to the website to highlight some of favorite customer stories.

Google is also celebrating the first aniversay of its Campus London.

“In just 365 days of operation, Campus now has more than 10,000 members, permanently houses more than 100 young companies and has hosted more than 850 events, attracting more than 60,000 guests through the door,” Google wrote.

Finally, to mark the Earth Day 2013, Google launched a new web site and a special interactive doodle, that acknowledges the interconnections of the natural world.

You can interact with elements of the environment to affect the seasons, weather and wildlife.

The new website lets you see the beauty and ingenuity of the natural world through photos from National Geographic.

Google Earth Day 2013 Doodle

Update 04/30: In a April 25th, Hangout on Air about the Enhanced Campaigns Hangouts–AdWords Specialists explains how to adjust bids for mobile devices.

He does an account walk through, demonstrating how to adjust bids for the time of day, location and device. For example, if a user is on a mobile device near your store during regular business hours, it may make sense to increase the bid. Wes explains how to calculate the actual bids when using multiple bid adjustments at the same time.

Also, explained how to create mobile preferred ad texts and mobile preferred ad extensions. He emphasizes the importance of sending users on mobile devices to optimized mobile websites, and briefly touches upon ValueTrack parameters.

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