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DX10 On Windows XP: Round 2

Phil Taylor, Senior Program Manager of the Flight Sim team at Microsoft responds to the latest round of claims regarding the work being done by FallingLeafSystems to backport DirectX 10 to XP:

Today on AVSim.com, in this thread the “DX10 on XP” issue came up again, with renewed discussion about what FallingLeafSystems is doing.

I covered this in Feb 2007 in my blog here, and before me David Weller, DirectX Community Lead discussed this on his blog here back in October 2006.

However, that seems to not have been enough debunking. So I took a look at this again and investigated in some detail what is actually available in the FallingLeafSystems release, and what the limits of the possible are on XP.

FallingLeafSystems is claiming to enable DX10 on XP, and further, to quote the AlkyProject blog at http://alkyproject.blogspot.com/200…his-blog-i.html “No longer will you have to upgrade your OS and video card(s) to play the latest games

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