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Download localized version of Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.1?

The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.1 is available in any of the SEVEN languages from a single download (not just English). That includes North American English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.  No more hunting around for 2 different localized versions of the download. This is especially convenient for those of you who are multi-lingual in US, Europe and Latin America!!

Here’s how the download and installation process work:

  1. Download the globalized integrated version of the tool here (please ignore the fact the language field says English, trust me, it has all 7 localizations in it 🙂 ):  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=83115
  2. Decide on which language you want the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment to operate in (e.g. Japanese)
  3. Install this globalized integrated download on a computer with the matching localized operating system (i.e. Japanese version of the 32-bit Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 R2 OS)
  4. Double-click the download and complete the installation process
  5. When you are ready to use Windows Vista Hardware Assessment in Japanese, make sure that your DISPLAY LANGUAGE is set in Japanese in this case
  6. (Optional Step) If you want to switch to a different language and, for example, create readiness assessment report in English, you may change the display language from Japanese to English and then re-launch Windows Vista Hardware Assessment.

To read more about the details of this tool, visit the localized sites here:

  1. North American English Version (TechNet US)
  2. French Version (TechNet France)
  3. German Version (TechNet Germany)
  4. Japanese Version (TechNet Japan)
  5. Korean Version (TechNet Korea)
  6. Latin American Spanish Version (TechNet Latin America)
  7. Brazilian Portuguese Version (TechNet Portugal)

Don’t forget to check out the various blog posts and web pages on many of the Windows Vista Solution Accelerators we’ve produced in the past few months!  My colleague Jeremy Chapman just wrote about the Windows Vista Service Life-cycle Management solution accelerator – you definitely should check it out!

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Source:→ Windows Vista Team Blog

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