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DoubleClick Search Enhancements Include Bid Optimization. Keyword Editor

With holiday season approaching fast, DoubleClick Search customers gets new features to save you time and help you measure campaigns more effectively.

Adjustments to workflows in DoubleClick Search, now let you easily edit positive and negative keywords with “each keyword now getting a row, and column headings such as ‘Ad group,’ ‘Match type’ and ‘Max CPC'” letting you easily adjust these important settings for each keyword.

And, when creating a new keyword, you can now use “search terms report to find and add new keywords” to your campaign directly from within the report. And advanced filters will help you check to see “if the keywords already exist in the ad group, campaign or account.”

Device bid adjustments for AdWords now let you set individual bid adjustments for each device type — mobile devices, computers and tablets. “DoubleClick Search reports provide critical insights into performance by device type,” allowing you to “set these device bid adjustments to maximize performance.”

Further, Google notes to optimize other wider range of contextual signals like “location, day of week and audience”, you should take advantage of automated bidding.

DoubleClick Search Keyword Editor

“DoubleClick Search Smart Bidding utilizes the power of Google’s machine learning to set more informed bids and help you get most out of your marketing budget,” google explained. And allow you to optimize “Bid strategies with cost per acquisition (CPA), effective revenue share (ERS) or return on ad spend (ROAS) goals” by “device, location, remarketing lists and other factors,” google added.

Additionally, customers can customize data that appears in bid strategy reports by segmenting bid strategy reports and add Floodlight activity columns.

In addition, “executive reports” now show top or bottom performers, as well as you can filter reports using predefined or custom metrics to only see the data you want.

And, “DoubleClick Search now report on impression share for AdWords keywords as well, in addition to AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, campaigns and ad groups,” write google. Also Bing Ads quality score in DoubleClick Search is available now.

Finally, with revamped change history, you can review account activities like “who’s changing an ad account, time and details about the changes made”. “You can filter these reports to view and download activity by user email, change type, system and entity changed.”

The team also notes, “hourly reporting will be launching later this month”, and will provide insightful data during special sales, “where conversion behaviors are less predictable.” Or, use the report, to “quickly detect outages or problems with your conversion” tags,” added google.

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