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DoubleClick Search (DS3) Now Support AdWords Sitelinks Management; New Policies & Tools for Publisher Networks in DAE

DoubleClick Search (DS3) now supports Google AdWords Sitelinks extensions. “You can now easily create, manage, and report on your AdWords Sitelinks extensions directly in the DS3 interface,” posted Google.

Those now aware “AdWords Sitelinks extensions is a feature for search-based ads that lets you include additional links to deeper content on your site beyond a single landing page. Sitelinks extend the value of your AdWords ads by showcasing additional targeted and relevant links for users whose search queries have triggered your ad.”

AdWords Sitelinks

Here is how to manage Sitelinks in DS3?

Create sitelinks in DS3
You can now manage and create sitelinks directly in the DS3 interface, and also you can group up to 10 Sitelinks in one Sitelinks extension.

Create AdWords Sitelinks in DS3

“To create a new sitelinks extension, select an engine account from the lefthand nav and then the Sitelinks extensions tab. Once on that tab, select the +New button. From here, you’ll be able to name your extension and add your sitelinks. Once you’ve created the Sitelinks extension, you can add it to one or several campaigns that do not already have sitelinks set up directly in the AdWords account. Add a new extension to a campaign from the Sitelinks dropdown on the campaign edit settings page. The dropdown will show you all the sitelinks that were created in DS3 for that engine account,” explains DS3 team.

Sitelinks Reporting
DS3 offers reporting at the Sitelinks extension and individual Sitelink levels. Currently, DS3 will only collect reporting data for Sitelinks and Sitelinks extensions that are created in DS3, informs the DS3 team.

Adding, the team said, in the coming weeks, they’ll “add the capability to sync existing Sitelinks from the engine accounts into to DS3. At that time, you’ll be able to manage and report on all your Sitelink extensions.”

“View overall extension information from the Sitelinks Extensions tab. To see individual sitelink data, move to the Sitelinks Extensions tab and then select Sitelink Extension from the Segment dropdown. To download your sitelinks information, select the download button from the Sitelinks Extension tab. Be sure to select Extensions and Links from the include types before downloading your report to ensure all the sitelink information is included,” the team explained.

AdWords Sitelinks Reporting in DS3

Also, Google announced a series of updates for publisher networks in DoubleClick Ad Exchange. First, Google “revised its DAE policies to allow publisher networks to use the Ad Exchange even if they own & operate few (or none) of the sites they represent. As always, every partner site has to meet the same high-standards of quality as every AdX publisher,” informs Google.

Second, a set Network Partner Management tools now make it easy to add new partners, manage hundreds of domains, and monitor their performance.

New tools and policies for Publisher Networks in the Ad Exchange

For current clients, using these features requires no changes to your existing tags. In addition, reporting, payment and site management remains in your hands.

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