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DFA Launches ‘Watch This Space’ Website: A Dedicated Space for Display Benchmarks Data

Advertisers and agencies alike are looking for more data to answer the basic questions of “How do I know if my display ad campaigns are doing well?” and “Are there credible benchmarks I can use to compare the results on my current campaign?” To answer these and other questions, DFA launched “Watch This Space””website.

“The first set of metrics you’ll see available are the latest display benchmarks which cover the breadth of data from CTR metrics to engagement metrics for rich media ads such as interaction and expansion rate, video complete rates and average interaction times — all across a broad range of ad sizes, creative types and industry verticals,” informs Pamela Eng, Product Marketing Manager.

Some interesting observations from these latest benchmarks:

  • Use of rich media ad formats have doubled with”two-fold increase in the proportion of impressions. In 2010, simple flash ads accounted”54% of all global formats served via”DFA, down from 74% in 2009. Image ads, in comparison, experienced an uptick with 28% of formats served in 2010 up from 17% in 2009. That leaves rich media ad formats growing to 18% of all the impressions served in 2010 up from 9% globally in 2009.
  • Response and engagement rates have been holding steady since 2009. In the past two years, the overall click-through rate has remained steady at around 0.09%.

  • Interaction rates trended slightly lower when comparing Q4 2010 to Q4 2009 but in general this measure of engagement has remained relatively steady over the course of 2010 after coming down from its peak in early 2009.
  • Expansion rates have fallen considerably since early 2009 but now we’re seeing rates leveling off with a slight uptick towards the end of 2010.
  • Video completion rates on rich media ads have generally remained consistent except for a several month peak towards the later half of 2008.

  • Larger ad sizes tend to generate greater response.“We observed this with the latest set of metrics in which the half-page ad unit (300×600)which had the highest CTR, interaction rate (for both in-page and expandable formats) and expansion rates of all the available creative sizes we tracked for the benchmarks.
  • In terms of industry verticals, auto advertisers performed the best in terms of CTR(0.13% for flash ads) but conversely had the lowest interaction (1.9%) and expansion rates (0.2%). For interaction rate, telecom (9.4%) and B2B (9.2%) advertisers were the highest while B2B stood out in terms of expansion rate (7.5%) benchmarks.

For additional insights and access to the full set of available benchmarks, visit the benchmarks section on the Watch This Space website.

[Source:DoubleClick Advertisers blog]

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