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Using CSS3 Media Queries to Build Mobile Web Applications and More [Video Webcasts]

In this “Simplification of the Visual Studio 11 Development Environment” episode, Sam Zaiss and Dan Dole of the Visual Studio User Experience team talk about simplification and reduction in the Visual Studio 11 development environment. They show how much easier it is to navigate both within code and within the IDE, and also that the complexity of the IDE has been reduced.

Here’s a quick episode guide:

  • Searching in the Solution Explorer [03:50]
  • Using the Preview Tab [05:00]
  • Viewing the classes contained in code files and the class members while in the Solution Explorer [12:00]
  • Viewing the relationships between classes while in the Solution Explorer [12:45]
  • Using multiple Solution Explorers at the same time [13:00]
  • Navigation history [15:30]
  • Viewing the relationships between methods while in the Solution Explorer [19:00]
  • Using Quick Launch to find and execute commands [22:30]

When you view offline help in Visual Studio, you use the Help Viewer. In this episode, Paul O’Rear shows us some significant and welcome improvements to the Help Viewer in Visual Studio 11, including:

  • Default install of a minimum level of documentation [01:30]
  • Choosing between online and local help from within Visual Studio [04:45]
  • Adding additional help content [06:00]
  • Dockable windows [12:15]
  • Filtering help content [13:15]
  • Creating a list of help content favorites [16:00]
  • Filtering the help index [18:25]
  • Searching for help content [19:40]

Using CSS3 Media Queries to build Mobile Web Applications:

Windows Phone: Application Lifecycle, IsoStore & Local Database:

In this “New Tools for Windows Identity Foundation and ACS” episode, Wade and Vittorio Bertocci–Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, shows us the new Identity and Access Tool for Visual Studio 11 Beta that, amongst other things, is closely integrated into the Access Control Service.

Queries on SQL Server Replication? Check out our blog to get’em answered , that will give you an overview of the “Replication in SQL server”.

Highlights of the blog:-

  • What is replication?
  • Why we should use Replication?
  • What is replication Model?
  • Replication Types

In this “Push Notifications for Windows 8” episode, Nick Harris–Technical Evangelist for Windows Azure–shows us the Consumer Preview update of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8.

Nick goes into depth regarding the Windows Push Notification Service and how to best leverage Windows Azure.

Host Jonathan Rozenblit in this episode talks OptMeIn. “OptMeIn was launched in 2011 to help brands and consumers connect across email, social media and mobile applications. Its unique system and customer-centric approach creates a trusted relationship by putting the user in control over the medium and the message and giving clients the tools to reach the right customers in the right place at the right time.”

anode is an experimental platform for rapidly prototyping web apps on Windows Azure. anode is built by Microsoft entirely with node.js and uses many great open source modules written by the awesome node.js community around the world. This is not a service. It’s an experiment.

That said, the anode team, as members of the node.js community, have released the modules they’ve built as part of the anode project.

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