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Creating Mobile Only Adwords Ads Campaigns: How to and Optimization Tips

Beginig today, Google Mobile providing a new resource to help guide in setting up a mobile specific AdWords campaign.

“Watch the video below and learn how to create a mobile-only campaign directly in AdWords account or by using AdWords Editor tool. After you’ve set up your mobile-only campaign, follow the optimization tips under this post to gain competitive advantage and maximize your performance on mobile,” Anna Khesed, Product Marketing Manager, Google Mobile stated.

  • Exercise more control and flexibility: By using a separate mobile-only campaign you’ll gain better visibility into your mobile specific performance. Use this information to optimize your bids, keyword lists and creatives without impacting your desktop campaign.
  • Budget and bid separately for mobile: Since less ads show on mobile devices, bid aggressively to ensure your ads are competitive and appear in the top spots.
  • Tailor your ad creatives for mobile: Create mobile specific ad copy and calls to action such as “Receive a quote on your phone” which could attract more attention from mobile consumers.
  • Make the most of mobile: You can take better advantage of powerful mobile-specific ad features such as Click-to-call and location-based ads which offer more relevance and convenience to users on the go,” advised Khesed.

[Source: Google Mobile Ads blog]

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