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Create Easily New Google+ page Connected YouTube Channels – New Google Search Filters

Google back in May this year had launched the option to connect existing YouTube channels with a Google+ page that introduced siginificant improvements to the multiple channel management experience “now allowing you to manage up to 50 channels with a single login.”

In addition, Google+ page connected channels also lets multiple individuals manage your channel with their own logins. Today, Google made creating Google+ page connected channel a lot easier with a significant simplification of the channel signup process.

Now, when you sign up for a new channel you’ll have an option to create this new channel connected with a Google+ page. “This will allow you to create new channels using a Google account that you already use to manage your other channels and Google+ pages,” says google.

Creating new YouTube channel connected to a new Google+ page

To create a new channel connected to a new Google+ page–al you need to do is:

  1. “Sign in to a Google account that you use individually (it maybe a Google account you already use to manage other channels and Google+ pages), or a Google account you use in the YouTube Content Manager.
  2. Go to www.youtube.com/channel_switcher and click Create a new channel.
  3. Now, enter a name for your new channel and Google+ page, and click Done to complete the signup process.”

Remember, channels connected with Google+ pages can have names that include spaces and punctuation if that’s what you want.

And, to create a new channel connected to an existing Google+ page:

  1. “Sign in to a Google account that is the manager or owner of the Google+ page with which you want your new channel to be connected.
  2. Go to www.youtube.com/channel_switcher and click the name and avatar of the Google+ page for which you want to create a new channel.
  3. You’ll be asked to confirm you want to create a new channel for this page, so click OK to complete the signup process.”

Creating new YouTube channel connected to an existing Google+ page


  • You can add others as a manager of the new channel and page. Google advises to use their own logins to manage channels, rather than using shared logins!
  • Your new channel URL will look something like as shown in the video below, so to create a custom URL, follow these steps. www.youtube.com/channel/UCNimhyukHP5tdka3a9zi9Nw

Now, when google to deep searching a particular topic, you can use Google’s filters to help you search more efficiently. The new features added lets you filets the pages that you have not visited.

These new fileters are only available if you’re signed into your Google account.

For example, “if you search [best skydiving locations new zealand] and want to see only pages that you haven’t already researched, select “Not yet visited” on the left side under “Show Search Tools.””

Similarly, if you want to see the pages you’ve already looked at–maybe you remember one of them had an especially cool recommendation–choose “Visited pages” to instantly see every page you’ve visited so far related to your search term.

Google Search gets new filters

Update 07/13: YouTube in an experiment testing to increas the text size for suggestion links to 19 pixels from the regular 13 pixels. If you want to test it out, on your Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer 8+:

YouTube Tests larger text on suggestion links

  • open youtube.com in a new tab
  • load your browser’s developer console:
    Chrome – press Ctrl+Shift+J for Windows/Linux/ChromeOS or Command-Option-J for Mac
    Firefox – press Ctrl+Shift+K for Windows/Linux or Command-Option-K for Mac
    Opera – press Ctrl+Shift+I for Windows/Linux or Command-Option-I for Mac, then click “Console”
    Internet Explorer – press F12 and select the “Console” tab.
  • paste the following code which changes a YouTube cookie:
    document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=-fntp2HbKFI; path=/; domain=.youtube.com";window.location.reload();
  • press Enter and close the console.
  • To go back to the regular interface, use the same instructions, but replace the code from step 3 with this one:
    document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=; path=/; domain=.youtube.com";window.location.reload();
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