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Crazy Stunt Video

A man skiing on the longest escalator from London recorded himself and uploaded the movie on YouTube to 
make his crazy stunt popular but instead of users’ gratitude he received the authorities reaction.  The British
authorities are now trying to find the man and take action against him because the stunt was regarded as a dangerous and stupid act. According to News24, the video was recorded one year ago, the authorities requiring the man to contact them to discuss the potential dangers of the irresponsible act.

“This is a dangerous, stupid and irresponsible act,” authorities said, urging the police to take the “strongest possible action” against any similar offenders. “British transportation authorities are angry that a man went skiing down the longest escalator on the London Underground, filmed the stunt and then posted it on Google’s YouTube, the BBC reports. Authorities urged the man to contact them so they could discuss the potential dangers of his stunt,” the publication said.

YouTube is no longer and online video sharing service as more and more authorities are attracted by the Google product to upload videos and require users’ help. Take the example of the police officers and their numerous surveillance videos uploaded on YouTube that helped them to identify dangerous suspects with the users’ help. Yesterday, a new interesting story was published on the video service, showing a woman fighting against leukemia who managed to find a bone marrow donor and help her cure the disease.

The woman decided to upload a video and share her story after the doctor diagnosed her with leukemia in January 2007. The donor was found in Denmark after the clip recorded an impressive number of views bundled with numerous comments posted by other members of YouTube.

Source: → softpedia

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