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Could the future of iTunes be digital software downloads?

One thing that struck me during Steve Jobs’ keynote yesterday was this odd moment when Jobs was trying to rationalize many of the reasons MacBook Air owners would be happy not having an optical drive in their laptop. He was going down a list of things we need optical media for and replacing them one by one with various Apple creations. Apple’s perceived solution for not having a drive would be to buy all your media through iTunes and play it on your iPod, delegate the task of reading discs to another computer in your house, or simplify things with a new and proprietary $99 external drive. Sounds simple, right?

It’s commonly been referred to as the “Steve Jobs reality distortion field” and there hasn’t really been a clearer example of it since Apple launched the “simpler” version of its one-button mouse that actually had five. In this case, it’s the importance of optical media and the role it still plays in our lives. While I applaud Jobs and Apple trying to get rid of what’s admittedly become a weak and cumbersome format, I’m a little disappointed that Apple hasn’t decided to offer a real solution to the problem they’re creating for novice computer users and road warriors who want to avoid optical media altogether–at least not yet.

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