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Convert your Email Address into an URL with CAPTCHA

TinyMailto lets you convert your e-mail address into an URL that is protected from spammers by a captcha test.

You can use a tinymailto URL to put it in public places, like web pages, forum/e-mail signatures, etc. If someone wants to get your e-mail address, the person must pass a Captcha test in order to view and use your e-mail address. This way, you can protect your e-mail address from spammers and web robots (web-bots). A Captcha test is an image that can be interpreted only by a human been.

TinyMailto will work for you if you already put your e-mail address on the web sites.

Examples: using a user-defined tinymailto URL code:

[email protected] -> http://tinymailto.com/username

Convert and protect your e-mail now! Its Free!

Links: Tiny Mail To.com | TinyMailto.com Blog

Convert your Email Address into an URL with CAPTCHA

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