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Continuous Deployment Plugin for Kubernetes & ACS for Jenkins Debuting Soon!

A new Azure Container Service (ACS) plug-in for Jenkins, enabling continuous deployment with the same, simple plug-in was announced Wednesday.

Jenkins Agent plugin for Azure Container Service and Azure Container Instances

This VM Agent plugin enable Jenkins to dynamically provision a Jenkins VM agent on Azure when there is a new job and deprovision the VM when the job is done. “ci.jenkins.io uses the plugin extensively. As does the .NET Core Team, who managed to reduce their monthly build cost by 75%,” writes the team.

With the plug-in, you can now:

  • instead of a VM, you can create a container agent that takes seconds instead of minutes to provision as it’s based on a Doker image with all the tools and environment settings you need.
  • you can create a new container to run a build and tear it down after the build is complete without worrying about provisioning cost.
  • also, you can go right ahead and try Azure Container Instances (ACI) as the plugin supports ACI too.

In this GIF, you can the new plug-in in action:

Jenkins Agent plugin for Azure Container Service and Azure Container Instances
Jenkins Agent plugin for ACS & ACI

The new plug-in is debuting at Jenkins World 2017 this week in San Francisco.

In addition, Microsoft will also demonstrate how to build and deploy a modern Java app to Azure App Service on Linux and to a Kubernetes cluster on Azure.

Azure Management Libraries for Java version 1.2 released Wednesday adds support for additional security and deployment features, and more Azure services:

  • Managed service identity
  • Create users in Azure Active Directory, update service principals and assign permissions to apps
  • Storage service encryption
  • Deploy Web apps and functions using MS Deploy
  • Network watcher service
  • Search service

Head over to GitHub to download.

The public preview of new performance levels and storage add-ons in Azure SQL Database, enable further price optimization opportunities for CPU intensive and storage bound workloads. The new choices now increases higher performance levels for a single database in Standard tier by 30x to 3000 DTUs from existing 100 DTUs.

Azure SQL Database new performance levels and storage limits chart for single database
Single database performance levels and storage limits

This update follows a similar update which increased the database eDTU limits for Standard elastic pools.

Secondly, cstomers can now purchase extra storage for single databases and elastic pools in Standard and Premium tiers. “Storage for a single database or elastic pool can now be provisioned in increments of 250 GB up to 1 TB, and then in increments of 256 GB beyond 1 TB.”

Any storage provisioned above included amount “is charged extra and billed on an hourly basis,” the team writes. “Total price for a single database or an elastic pool is based on the price of DTUs or eDTUs plus the price for any extra storage provisioned.”

Azure SQL Database extra storage unit price chart
Extra storage unit price

In the latest updates for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) included is a preview of Release Definition Editor, that’s based off new CI editor, lets you visualize the flow of release through environments.

It lets you work with Release in the way you think about your system. We are going to be bringing this same approach to the runtime views as well so that you can visualize a release as it progresses. Unlocking all of your data with richer, easier to consume visualizations is something we are trying to do across the product.

“It’s not just a cleaner experience, it is structurally different in that it lets you visualize your release process,” writes Buck Hodges, director of engineering for Visual Studio Team Services. “Unlocking all of your data with richer, easier-to-consume visualizations is something we are trying to do across the product.”

Release Definition Editor in VSTS
Release Definition Editor in VSTS

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