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Considerations when Upgrading an Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Sequenced App Package Using Command Line

One advantage of App-V Sequencer is the capability of running via command line. This allows automating sequencing of app which don’t require special customizations in guidelines or “recipes” for sequencing. The upgrading of a package can also be automated using command line sequencer.

Here’re some other tips:

UPGRADE and OUTPUTFILE Must be Different

Command line sequencer willn’t update a package if source path specified in /UPGRADE switch is same as in /OUTPUTFILE switch. This’ll throw a sharing violation error.

DECODEPATH must be specified

Remember Upgrade option is same as “Package Upgrade” or “Opening a Package for Upgrade” in GUI version. This means the package has to be decoded into mount\VFS path.

OUTPUTFILE location needs to be on a separate drive as one specified in the DECODEPATH option.


If update is anything other than a standard MSI, it’s recommended to contain it with a batch file or script. The command line sequencer should be able to grab everything even if it’s a simple file copy or registry import.

More Info: documentation for upgrading a package


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