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CNET’s AllYouCanUpload

CNET has launched a simple new photo uploading site called AllYouCanUpload. AllYouCanUpload is a site that makes uploading photos as easy as it can possibly.

They have provided “multiple browsing and uploading boxes. But one very important thing is missing i.e. URL uploading and this is “what I would like to see”. CNET, if you are listening, please take a note.

You just use the uploading tool and you are shown the image along with codes to post the photo on any site. All YouCanUpload is completely free, and no advertisements appear on the uploading areas of the site. There is no limit to the number of photos that can be uploaded or the total amount of storage that may be consumed. There is no limit on the size of an image, and images are not resized unless you request it. And possibly most importantly, there are absolutely no bandwidth restraints.

This last point is important. With other services there are caps on bandwidth. That means if a photo is particularly popular and is viewed a lot, the user account will be shut down after a cap is reached. That won’t happen with AllYouCanUpload.

Martin Green (CNET’s GM of the Communities Group) – “No cuffs, no pleats…just pants”….We developed an image hosting service called allyoucanupload – please check it out and tell me what you think. 

It’s a front end to a brand spanking new storage system that we just built.  We call the back end system “Haystack” and I can post on that later if people are interested.  It’s pretty neat.  took a few months of hard core systems and operations engineering.  much thanks go to Matt, Paul, Rodolphe, MKaz,  and Jim.  Haystack will soon serve hundreds of millions of Webshots member photos.  (we have over 375,000,000).

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