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Clipperz Crypto Library

Clipperz is an online password system that contains a JavaScript library to provide web developers with an extensive and efficient set of cryptographic functions. It is released under a BSD license.

Clipperz include portions of code from few third party libraries, such as: MochiKit, YUI and Ext to allows smoother and quicker coding.

In order to save downloading time and memory space the original Clipperz code is compressed into a large single file using Dojo Compressor.

The library presently includes:

  • SRP authentication protocol
  • SHA2 hash functions
  • AES symmetric encryption
  • Fortuna PRNG
  • Big Integer Library by Leemon Baird

Coming soon:

  • elliptic curve cryptography
  • secret sharing schemes.

Source:? Ajaxian

Clipperz, Crypto, Library, Javascript

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