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Clicky Web Analytics Service

Clicky is a web analyzer that gives bloggers and smaller web sites a more personal understanding of their visitors. The interface is refreshingly clean and simple, with  innovative features like Spy and RSS feeds, and an unrivaled per visitor level of detail, real time stats, outbound link tracking, download tracking, and more.

Clicky is available for free, as well has a premium version at $14.99/year. The premium provides some advanced features, including RSS feeds, Spy, outbound link tracking, and download tracking.


  1. Clicky DashboardDashboard: The Dashboard gives you a quick summary of your stats for the day in progress, as well as a user definable amount of previous days (defaults to 7, but can also be set to 3, 7, 10, or 30).
  2. Visitors: The main visitors page gathers your traffic data into logical groups called sessions. A session is a log of an entire visit to your web site by one person, from the time they enter to the time they leave.
  3. Clicks: The Clicks page is really just a log that shows every click on your web site, but there is no analysis or logical grouping on the data – it just shows all the clicks by all your visitors, in reverse chronological order. Clicking on an IP address or referer domain will take you to the visitors page and filter down the list based on that IP address or referer.
  4. Links and searches: The link and search pages show you who is linking to you and what search terms are driving traffic to your site. By default they are grouped by “full URL”, but you can also view linked grouped by domain. The searches page looks the same, except it shows searches instead of domains.
  5. RSS feeds: Clicky is the only analyzer on the planet that gives you web stats via RSS! There are several feeds available for any site you use with Clicky: daily summary (number of visitors and pageviews for day in progress last 2 days), visitors, incoming links, and recent searches.
  6. Filters: The filters box is available on the Visitors, Clicks, and Map pages. It allows you to filter down the results based on certain criteria, such as country, language, web browser, referer, and more.

      Advanced Features:

    1. Tracking outbound links and file downloads: Clicky tracks outbound links from your site, as well as file downloads (jpg, zip, etc). This feature does require JavaScript to work. It can be customized to meet your needs, or disabled if it is causing any problems on your site. (If it is causing problems, please let us know so we can investigate!) It was written to be as compatible as possible with any other services you might be running that perform similar functions – MyBlogLog, for example. These actions will show up in the standard page view pages (clicks, and spy), but will soon have their own dedicated pages as well.
    2. Customization: Only certain link types and file types are tracked by default. They should cover just about everyone’s needs, but they can be customized.

 How it works:

  1. Register for a free account.
  2. Once register, add the provided code to your theme template either in header.php or footer.php files, as show in e.g. below. That’s it!



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