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Clear your Firefox & IE browser cache with one-click solutions

Every time, you visit a website, your browser – whether it’s Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. captures all web pages and images and saves them in the browser cache directory. This saves you time, when you next go to a website, you can quickly access the saved files in your cache rather than re-download the image or related content.

If you’re a web designer or even a casual web surfer, this caching presents an issue, by serving the cached files rather than downloading the new version off the server. There’re ways to clear browser caches, but here’s an easy way to empty browser cache.

Clear Cache Button: For Firefox users, adds a broom shaped clear cache toolbar button. After installing the extension, find the clear cache button in the toolbar customization panel, that will instantly clear your cache when you click it.

CachePal: It lets you clear your Internet Explorer History, Temporary Internet Files and Cookies from one click on your Internet Explorer toolbar. Simply install, add to your toolbar and click whenever you need to dump your past or see a web site with a clean cache. Perfect for Web or Flash developers who constantly need to clear the browser environment to view changes. Includes uninstall.

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