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Clean AJAX Implementation, Simply Clean !

clean-ajax.pngClean AJAX is an open source engine for Asynchronous JavaScript with XML that, in few words, is a technology that can be used to perform asynchronous HTTP requests programatically. The main purposes of this project are:

  • Provide an AJAX engine that could be used to improve web applications and make then even better;
  • Provide an AJAX engine easy to use, easy to integrate with any project and self contained (that doesn’t require anything else to work);
  • Popularize Rich Internet Applications based on open standards (What the Web should be!).

A Simple usage of Clean AJAX :

* Perform AJAX HTTP get
function ajax_get(url, elementId, win){
message = new Message();
message.method = "GET";
message.address = url;
message.document = win.document;
message.consumer = elementId;
message.onError = showError;
wait(elementId, win.document);

* Show AJAX error messages
function showError(e){

* Apply HTML code on destination element to show response's progress
var waitImage = new Image();
waitImage.src = "";

function wait(elementId, doc){
di = new DomIterator(doc);
html = "

di.applyValue(elementId, html);

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