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Chrome Web Apps: How to run inside Google Chrome browser?

Latest build of Chromium, lets you install Chrome Web apps, which then reside on your main “Most visited” Chrome page. From here, you can click on any of these apps to launch them in a new pinned tab.

The ability is hidden behind a flag;

  1. to add command line switches to Chrome shortcut: “On Windows: close Chrome completely (Wrench–>Exit), Right click Chrome shortcut and select Properties, Add to the end of Target field –enable-apps, Click OK and start Chrome. If that doesn’t work, repeat steps, and instead of adding –enable-apps, now add –enable-extension-apps.”
  2. Next, Google is shipping handful of web apps hidden in a folder “resources” inside your Chrome profile folder. On Windows, look in %localappdata%\Chromium\Application\6.0.428.0\Resources. Linux users can check in /opt/google/chrome/resources/. Or find more apps here:
  3. Head over Google Chrome extensions tab (chrome://extensions) and make sure you see “developer mode button”. If you don’t, click the plus next to the text to reveal:
  4. click load unpacked extension and browse the folder located in step 2. Click the app folder you want to install (like gmail_app), click OK. If successful, Chrome will refresh Extensions page and you should now see the app icon:
  5. To load an app! click new tab button (or press ctrl + t) and click one:
  6. Apple Mac users:

    • Open /Applications folder, right click Chromium.app, then choose “Show Package Contents”
    • Navigate to Contents/MacOS, and rename Chromium to Chromium-Exec
    • Create a file “Chromium,” with contents: #!/bin/sh exec /Applications/Chromium.app/Contents/MacOS/Chromium-Exec –enable-apps –apps-panel [email protected]
    • Open terminal and run chmod +x /Applications/Chromium.app/Contents/MacOS/Chromium
    • Restart Chromium
    • Navigate to Chromium.app/Contents/Versions/{Your Version}/Chromium Framework.framework/Resources in finder
    • Open extension manager, click “Developer Mode”, click “Load Unpacked Extension”
    • Drag folder of the app you want (eg. gmail_app) from finder into open dialog of Chromium, click Open
    • Repeat until you add all apps you want

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