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Chrome Now Official Browser in the US State Department Offices Around the World

During a Town Hall meeting for the State Department employees, the United State Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces Google Chrome browser being installed on computers on February 14th around the world.

This makes us the first U.S. cabinet department to make Chrome available department-wide.

“With Chrome for Business, Information Resources Management (IRM) team was able to deploy Chrome quickly and securely. After two weeks, it has been installed on over 58,000 PCs around the world or around 60% of our enterprise,” posted Chris Bronk, Senior Advisor, Information Resources Management’s Office of eDiplomacy, U.S. Department of State.

Bronk further notes, “Offering Chrome as a browser option allows us to take full advantage of Chrome’s speed — from quick startup to rapid website loading — plus the ability to access the full range of modern websites, and will allow our employees to be more productive in their work.”

“The administrative capabilities of Chrome for Business will allow IRM to manage the browser going forward, making sure that all employees are on the same version and can take advantage of new features that are regularly made available in new Chrome releases. When a new release of Chrome is made available with enhanced functionality or added security, we can release it into production immediately, bypassing cumbersome testing,” he said.

Chrome already offers support for enterprise deployment which makes it easier to configure and update the browser for specific security and departmental requirements. Recently, Chrome Web Store also added a new category of apps and extensions targeting enterprises users. This new classification helps enterprise-focused developers to reach their customers as well.

The State Department has also announced to skip IE9 and move to IE10 before 2013. As initially Chrome may not support all applications used by the department, Internet Explorer will remain the default browser with Chrome as alternate browser.

Clinton replied on a question related with the upgrade of Internet Explorer on department’s systems, “Three years ago, we really were not in the 21st century, let me put it that way. But, we have made progress. So, today, I am happy to announce that Google Chrome will be deployed”.

Video: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces Chrome for employees at 35:10

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