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Chrome Beta Show Richer Notifications on Windows and Chrome OS

Chrome 28 Beta channel for Windows and Chrome OS is enabling Chrome apps and extensions to show richer notifications with a revamped user interface.

“The notification can display formatted text and images, and can include actions directly inside the pop-up (so you can respond to that email right away),” informs Google.

Missed a bunch of notifications while you were taking a coffee break? No problem — you can open up the notification center to see them all in one place.

You can also disable notifications from any source whenever you wish, for those times when you want some peace and quiet.

Chrome 28 Beta Notification Center

Download Chrome Beta here.

Chrome 28 Beta Notification Center on Windows Chrome 28 Beta Notification Center on ChromeOS

Chrome 28 Beta Notification Settings page

Update 05/24: Chrome for Android 28.0.1500.21 brings the built-in translation bar that is available on desktop Chrome–and help you read more of the web while you’re on the go, regardless of the language of the web page.

“When you come across a page written in a language that isn’t in the same language as your phone or tablet, look for the translation bar. To translate the page, touch the “Translate” button,” informs Google.

Google has als added “fullscreen” support on tablets as well. As you scroll, the top toolbar disappears so you can immerse yourself in the web page content.

Finally, on phones, a “+” in the toolbar now makes creating tabs even easier.

For those of you trying out our experimental data compression feature, “you can see a graph (under “Settings > Bandwidth Management”) that shows your estimated bandwidth savings,” google adds.

Chrome for andorid 28 Beta adds Google Translate buttonChrome for Android 28 beta: Data Savings Chart

Here is a quick list of features available in Chrome for Android 28 beta:

  • Google Translate: When you come across a page written in a language that isn’t in the same language as your phone or tablet, look for the translation bar
  • Fullscreen on tablets: Simply scroll the page to dismiss the toolbar
  • Support for fullscreen API
  • New graph showing your estimated bandwidth savings when you use the experimental data compression feature
  • Mobile friendly error pages

Fullscreen API on Chrome for Android allows you to programmatically hide the browser UI and OS status bar. “Just like on desktop, you can tell any piece of content to enter fullscreen mode by calling its webkitRequestFullScreen() function.” explains Google.

Faster page loads. Compared to the normal HTML parser, it loads DOM content about 10% faster and reduces the maximum stop time due to parsing by 40%.

The free speed boost comes from Blink’s new threaded HTML parser.

This Beta release also comes with “WebGL” which joins Web Audio and WebRTC as an option in about:flags in Chrome for Android.

“Used together or independently, these three features will allow you to create rich, powerful web experiences that work across device form factors,” google said.

Google has now deprecated prefixed version of the Content Security Policy HTTP header–in favor of Content-Security-Policy instead of X-WebKit-CSP.

For Chrome Extensions, HTML-based notifications have been deprecated in favor of the new Rich Notifications Chrome API.

Also, “

  • you can now use CSS @supports conditional blocks to test whether Chromium supports certain property:value pairs.
  • The :unresolved CSS pseudoclass lets you style a Custom Element that hasn’t been registered in the browser yet. Custom Elements are part of Web Components.
  • As part of V8’s continuing quest to make all JavaScript as fast as possible, recent optimizations have made the asm.js benchmarks more than twice as fast as prior versions of Chrome.
  • Chrome Apps and Extensions developers can now use rich notifications to proactively engage with users,” informs Google.

Chrome OS Stable channel has been updated to 27.0.1453.103 (Platform version: 3912.79.0) for all Chrome OS devices.

This build contains a number of new features, bug fixes and security improvements including:

  • Panel windows for chat and more
  • New Launcher positioning mode
  • Per App list of open tabs & windows
  • Horizontal three finger scrub moves between tabs
  • New folder hierarchy on file manager
  • Autocomplete in Drive search
  • Memory management optimization
  • Enhanced support for common wireless touchpads/mice
  • Updated Chrome Office Viewer extension
  • Pepper Flash updated to 11.7.700.202-r2
  • GTalk plugin updated to
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