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Chrome Android Beta Brings Saved Passwords, Autofill Entries, Data Compression Proxy

Chrome Beta for Android update now lets you access your pre-saved web forms that you filled out on a desktop from your phone and tablet too.

To try syncing passwords, all you need is the latest beta version of desktop Chrome. Now, “when you’ve signed in to Chrome on desktop, you can take your saved passwords and autofill entries across your computers and laptops,” Google writes.

In addition, this release also introduces an experimental data compression feature–powered by a connection to a SPDY proxy running on Google’s servers and is paired with content optimization performed by Google’s open-source PageSpeed libraries.

When this new feature is enabled the browser-to-proxy connects over SSL. In addition, “only HTTP traffic is routed through and optimized by the proxy, so secure (HTTPS) requests will bypass the proxy and continue to connect directly to the destination. Furthermore, DNS lookups are performed by the proxy, instead of on the mobile device,” explains Goolge.

After relaunching the browser, you can see how much data you’ve saved by opening a new tab, typing chrome://net-internals and selecting the “Bandwidth” section in the left sidebar. Then visit different sites in a different tab and check the stats.

Chrome Android Beta enables SPDY pwered Data compression proxy

Turning on this experimental feature also enables Safe Browsing. Here is how to eable this feature:

  1. open a new tab, enable the “Experimental Data Compression Proxy” under chrome://flags in the address bar and tap “Go”
  2. tap “Enable” next to the “data compression proxy” experiment (it’s the first one right now)
  3. tap “Relaunch now”

“For an average web page, over 60% of the transferred bytes are images. The proxy optimizes and transcodes all images to the WebP format. The proxy also performs intelligent compression and minification of HTML, JavaScript and CSS resources, which removes unnecessary whitespace, comments, and other metadata which are not essential to render the page,” Google explains.

Check out this developer documentation.

The latest version of Chrome Beta for Android is available on Google Play.

Chrome for Android Beta : auto saved passwords and autofill web form entires

Update 03/17: Google has been testing some new features for its Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

First, ChromeI for Android now shows update notifications that there’s a new version available stating, “Chrome just gob better! A new version is available. Update”.

Chrome for Android Update notificationSecond, a Google Chrome experiment hides the top navigation bar from both the Google homepage and the search results pages. The test is limited to Chrome 27 dev/canary channel.

“To confirm that the experiment is limited to Chrome 27, I opened Firefox, changed the user agent to “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.33 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/27.0.1441.2 Safari/537.33” using “user agent switcher” firefox extension and the navigation bar was gone,” informs alex who notice the change.

Chrome dev channel hide top navigation bar on Google homepage

Chrome dev channel hiding top nav bar on google search results pages

Google has also made some changes in its latest dev channel Chrome OS–a new Chrome tab page (or Chrome New Tab Page (NTP)) is added as the deafult Google’s search homepage is added “minus the top navigation bar, the footer and the search buttons.”

In addition, the tab page shows a list of frequently visited pages, along with the app launcher and a new “Apps” button in the bookmarks bar that links to a new internal page.

Now, when search, Google instead of displaying the search results pages URL in the address bar–now, shows the query that you’ve entered in the search box.

In fact, Google’s search results pages “no longer include a search box and you’re only left with Chrome’s omnibox,” said alex.

Chrome OS dev channel: Chrome New Tab page (NTP) adds Google home page

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